Over the Edge: Football in the face and busted store doors

In news going "Over the Edge" Monday, a botched snap; crowd breaks down doors; and white lions in Georgia.

The Miami Dolphins looked to tie the game against the New England Patriots on Sunday --and the field gal unit botched the snap. But check out the replay. The holder Brondon Fields gets hit right in the facemask. Good news for Fields: The Dolphins did go on to win the game and get the last laugh.

In Ohio, a crowd breaks down the door at an 'Air Jordan' pre-sale. The latest version of Air Jordan sneakers cost $170. But the high price tag didn't stop hundreds of people from lining up to get their hands on a pair of the in-demand shoes. No one was injured during the mad dash. But multiple doors did get knocked off their hinges.

In Georgia, four rare white lion cubs have been born in the Tbilisi Zoo. The cubs were separated from their mother in case she couldn't provide enough milk to the newborns. White lions are rarely found in the wild but are often bred for zoos, animal shows, and wildlife parks.

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