Over the Edge: Pesky Pythons and Monster Gator

Published 08/21 2013 10:05PM

Updated 08/21 2013 11:46PM

Too many snakes in one house, a monster gator, and the driver of this truck, getting lucky after a scary wreck. Here's Wednesday's edition of "Over the Edge News".

In Texas, authorities seized this 12 foot, 120 pound python from a home. They took the snake and five constrictor snakes after neighbors began complaining about animals running free in the yard. Officers also seized rats and rabbits.

In Michigan, a truck goes flying over a guardrail. Authorities say the car dropped 15-20 feet into a dry creek bed. Despite broken bones and a collapsed lung, the driver is expected to make a full recovery

In Florida, it took two guys four hours to wrangle this 13-foot, 600 pound gator. Florida fish and wildlife says  only five to ten alligators taken each year are over 13 feet long.

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