Over the Edge: Salvation Army dog

Salvation Army dogs, 300,000-light Christmas displays and ice formations -- all happening in Tuesday's edition of "Over the Edge" news.

In Wisconsin, man's best friend volunteering for the Salvation Army. Molly the German shepherd is a Red Kettle bell ringer. She's rocking sunglasses, a red Santa jacket and a bell on her leash. She's been ringing in donations for a few years now.

Clark Griswald has nothing on a Christmas light display in Queens, New York. It has more than 300,000 lights and 350 figurines. A retired firefighter spends days each year putting together the spirited collection, complete with Christmas music.

A rare phenomenon is catching folks' attention in North Dakota. It's called "air lift" and it's causing some interesting ice formations on the mouse river in Minot. Weather experts say it's because of turbulence from the unusually high water flow on the mostly frozen river. The air bubble bursts water up and then freezes quickly because of the cold, Resulting in these formations.

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