Over the Edge: Sinkholes, santas and clumsy robbers

Robbery fails, protesting Santas and sinkholes swallowing trucks -- all in Friday's edition of news going "Over the Edge."

In Miami -- here's one clumsy robbery suspect. He's caught on tape trying to hold up a gas station, but it doesn't exactly go smoothly. His trouble started after he got some beers... He dropped the beers and his gun. It just got worse from there. He ran outside where he fumbled his loot again. He tried to gather it all up, but by then, the police showed up and arrested him.

As Black Friday shoppers stormed into Walmarts. Take a look at who's protesting outside the store. In Orlando, Calif., this morning a man dressed as Santa Claus wearing a sign that said "$25K" -- that's how much full-time workers want to get paid. Santa was eventually arrested. Other Walmarts also saw protests today.

Black Friday bargains were the least of some people's troubles-- In Chicago, two people spent part of their Thanksgiving in a massive sinkhole. The pickup truck fell into the ground Thursday night.Officials say the hole may have been caused by a water main break. The driver and passenger are okay. The Chicago Department of Transportation is investigating.

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