Over the Edge: Skiing Santas, freezing swims and falling ice

In Monday's edition of "Over the Edge" news, swimming in a freezing pool, falling sheets of ice and skiing Santas.

Most of us wouldn't even dip a toe in a cold swimming pool. But how about swimming in a near-freezing lake? In Utah, a man went in and swam a whole mile. EMTs were standing by and a kayaker followed along, and Gordon Gridely is the 13th American to complete the ice mile. He's doing it to raise money for a Utah food bank.

And in Texas, sheets of ice falling from the roof of an apartment building and crashing onto cars below. Here's a view from the fifth floor. Several cars were damaged-- but luckily no one was hurt.

More than 200 Santas had some fun in the snow before they get busy this Christmas season. They gathered to hit the ski trails at the Sunday River Resort in Maine. This was the 14th year for the entertaining fundraiser. Each Santa was asked to donate at least $10. In all, they raised about $2100 for a local Rotary club.

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