Over the Edge: Thanksgiving Edition

For news going "Over the Edge" on Thanksgiving: dog therapy, a giant designer suitcase, and a gingerbread village.

In central Illinois, man's best friend helping people affected by the tornadoes earlier this month. Smokey is a therapy dog, spreading a little love to families in Washington, Ill. Smokey made his rounds as residents attended a pre-Thanksgiving luncheon. Smokey was among several pups flown in by therapy dogs international to help victims cope with the aftermath of disaster.

In Russia, a super-sized designer bag-- plopped down in the middle of Moscow's Red Square. The giant Louis Vuitton suitcase was housing a charity exhibition of the brand's suitcases, but it drew complaints. So organizers were ordered by Russian officials-- to pack it in.

In New York, this is now the world's largest gingerbread village. New York chef Jon Lovitch spent the last year creating "Gingerbread Lane," on display at the New York Hall of Science. But a village? It's more of a metropolis! It has about 150 houses and buildings, including a town hall, a fire station, and, of course, a bakery.

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