Over the Edge: Tumbleweeds, Toilets and Volcanoes

Tuesday's edition of news going "Over the Edge" -- volcanoes in Indonesia; India celebrates World Toilet Day; and tumbleweeds barricade houses in Wyoming.

The Mount Sinabung volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia was spewing hot volcanic ash eight-thousand meters into the sky Monday. Mount Merapi on Java also erupted this week. The blasts forced residents to flee and flights around Indonesia to be redirected to avoid the ash.

And in India--- it's World Toilet Day! No, really -- it's no joke there. The United Nations says more than 600 million people in India have to relieve themselves outdoors. One Indian group is working to increase toilet use and says the sanitary practice is increasing. They say only about half the country is now defecating outside-- down from 75 percent just 20 years ago. The celebration of World Toilet Day is a way to raise awareness. The UN says about a third of the world's population has no toilets.

Tumbleweeds blowing in the wind -- until they hit a house. It happened in Cheyenne, Wyoming, when the tumbleweeds started to pile up at homes like this, blocking garages, front yard views and entrances. This may look crazy to some - but for the locals, it's just another day in the neighborhood.

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