Pet of the Week: 'Volunteer Favorite,' Connie

Courtney Kremer with Springdale Animal Services introduces us to Connie:

"This is Connie. She is around two years old. We think she is a terrier mix of some sort - with the most interesting ears. So, for those of you viewers out there in TV land that are on a budget and looking to score some free HBO, all you need is some aluminum foil. She can hook you up. She's been here for quite awhile, she's been great with everybody she meets. She is just one of those ones that we don't understand why keeps getting overlooked. So we are looking to get her out of here. She is very friendly, we all love her. She is a volunteer favorite and she has just been here too long guys, so somebody come get her. You just come on down to the shelter. Fill out an application. If everything looks good and your landlord or whatever approves, we'll do a meet and greet with Connie and your dogs and just make sure everybody gets along and we'll get her spayed and sent out the door for you guys to take her home."

For more information, call (479)750-8163, or click here:

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