Pets of the Week: Adonna & Frieda - Free to Adopt!

Mike Emery from Washington County Animal Shelter tells us about some adoptable cats!

"This is Adonna. She was named after a town in Turkey. It's an odd name I know. She's about a year old. She has been with us since early April so she is one of our longest on-shelter cats that we've got. Someone has come forward and sponsored her so her adoption would be free, along with Frieda, the little orange one down there. The same lady sponsored both f them so they are both free. We have a lot of cats right now. The season hit a little late so we have a lot of cats, a lot of kittens. We are pretty much at capacity on all of our cat rooms so we are hoping to get them some good homes and get them out of here. Usually it is $45, and that includes the spay/neuter, microchip, and ll the shots. We are having a $10 special right now and through the weekend free for military veterans. Come on down and see not just the cats but also the dogs too because we are running pretty full."

Visit at 801 W. Clydesdale or call (479) 695-3450.

For the coupon to the Logan's fundraiser,  click here:

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