Pets of the Week: GURL, Bella Donna and Sammie

Tony Ranking from Fayetteville Animal Services tells us a little about our Pets of the WeeK:

"This is Gurl, G-U-R-L. She is about a two-year-old female pitbull that we have had here in the shelter for about a month-and-a-half now.
She is a very, very sweet girl. She seems to be housebroken, really likes everyone that she meets and is really good with other dogs. These dogs are really, really great dogs. It started out 100 years ago they were the number one family household pet, and now a days they get a bad rep, but they are really sweet and can be very loyal, loving pets.
Sammie and his sister, Bella Donna. Sammie is the black and white cat. He is around eight years old. Neutered male already, good to go, actually declawed on the front. Bella Donna is about three years old, solid black, very sweet, a little reclusive, but also a sweet cat. Also declawed, I believe.
We would like for them to stay together if at all possible, they come from the same family unit. So, in this particular instance, we want these guys to go together. It would be $20 for both of them. We do have quite a few cats and kittens, and dogs, small and large, so come down to see us. We will be open July 5th."

For more information, call (479) 444-3456.

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