Pizza Joint Discourages Dipping with $1000 Charge for Ranch Dressing

FOX 24 via Fox News -- A Dallas restaurant is “charging” customers $1000 for the privilege of dipping their pizza crust into ranch dressing.

Jay Jerrier, owner of Cane Rosso, told Eater he’d happily give customers balsamic, Caesar or marinara, but said that the ranch will cost them.

“It's weird, it always seems to be young, college-age girls that ask for it,” he told Eater.

Jerrier told Eater that the creamy offering is just a joke after people kept asking for the condiment, but recently a patron spied the case, and thinking it was legit, uploaded a photo on Reddit sparking a heated debate with over 900 comments.

Some called Jerrier arrogant and called him out as a food fascist, while other supported him. Jerrier said he was surprised that people took the bottle of ranch seriously and that they were so offended.

What’s no joke is that in "the ranch belt"-- states like Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma --you'll likely find ranch dippers in pizza joints.

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