Police: Child Abduction Case 'Has Been Resolved'

ROGERS, AR -- Police in Rogers are calling off the search for a kidnapping victim. The Criminal Investigation Division released this statement Wednesday morning:

"The case has been resolved and there was no abduction of a child. It was a unique set of circumstances that happened at the same place at the same time and neither were related. Thank you for your time and work on this case."

Around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, a caller reported a possible child abduction in the area of 28th & Chateau. The caller stated they saw an approximately 13-year-old girl with her arm hanging out a car window yelling "Help me!" Police did not have any reports of a missing person, but did treat the case as a legitimate abduction.


Rogers Police posted to their Facebook page around 9:00 Wednesday morning with the following information:

"During the course of the investigation, detectives had identified three female students who had gotten off of the bus in the area wearing clothing similar to that described by the witness. They then began working on the premise that, if we had a victim, it was likely not a student from the bus.

Around 9pm last night, officers found a smashed smart phone lying in the street near the location where the witness observed the suspected abduction. Detectives began trying to get the information off of the phone while other detectives continued to follow leads and re-canvass the neighborhood. After acquiring the owner’s information from the phone, detectives went to the residence. A vehicle matching the description of the potential suspect vehicle was parked at the residence. Detective contacted the couple living in the residence and were told that the couple had been driving in the area and got into an argument. The man grabbed the woman’s phone and threw it out of the window, then drove away at high speed, striking the curb in the process. They then went home.
It was concluded that the eye witnesses saw the erratic driving, saw one of the girls from the bus walking by about the same time, and possibly got the description of the woman in the car mixed up with the girl walking. The female student who had been walking was interviewed by detectives and said she saw the vehicle and heard the screams but wrote it off as someone joking around.

A very strange set of circumstances but we are confident that there was no abduction."

With school back in session, safety is a top priority for many parents, click here for child safety tips.

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