Police: Clerk Held Up At Gunpoint Refuses to Give Robber Cash

FARMINGTON - Farmington police say a gas station clerk refused to give a robber money, even with a shotgun pointed right at him.

It happened around 4 A.M. Sunday at the Green Oak station on Main Street in Farmington.

According to investigators, a white man wearing all black came in armed with a shotgun. Police say he covered his face with a white bandana, and put a black bag on the counter demanding money. When the clerk refused, the robber ran. He was seen heading east toward Fayetteville.

He's described as about 6 feet tall, around 180 pounds, driving a dark colored half-ton truck with 4x4 on the fender.

If you have any information, contact Farmington police at (479) 267-3411.

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