Police: Man Robs FedEx Store, Calls Police From KFC to Confess

FAYETTEVILLE -- Investigators said Todd Lankford, 23, robbed a FedEx store and then called police from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, to turn himself in. According to officers, Lankford walked into the FedEx store on North College Avenue Sunday night and asked how to apply for a job there. Police said when the clerk asked if Lankford needed anything else, he told him "yes, give me all the money in the register."

Lankford admitted to investigators that he had his right hand inside his pocket, appearing as if he had a weapon, even though he was unarmed. He got away with about $200.

According to the police report, Lankford said after the robbery he went to a gas station, then to KFC where he had the staff call police so he could turn himself in. The report said Lankford told officers he decided to rob the FedEx store because he needed money for court costs, and there would be fewer witnesses there.

Lankford has a criminal history that includes aggravated assault, terroristic threatening and domestic battery. He now faces charges of aggravated robbery and theft of property.

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