Politicians Respond to Iraq Airstrikes

LITTLE ROCK, AR - America is back in the Iraq War. This time, there are no ground forces, but rather, airstrikes.

President Obama promised on Thursday, military action would be taken if the Islamic militants were a threat to Americans.

U.S Navy pilots today are bombing the fanatic Islamist fighters of Isis, to stop their advance on a major Iraqi city.

Senators Boozman and Pryor offered their reaction to the strikes today.

"I support what the President is doing. We know who the enemy is, we know how they have behaved."

Boozman went on to say Isis is very close to where Americans are stationed and the group is targeting Christians.

He says the U.S. should go ahead with the attacks President Obama outlined and that any further threats should be reported to congress.

"I am concerned that this could escalate and lead to heavier military involvement for the U.S. I think that if it's going to go that direction the president should confer with congress. We need to have clearly defined goals," said Senator Pryor.

Senator Pryor added he thought the humanitarian aid makes sense under these circumstances.

US Representative and Iraq War Veteran Tom Cotton also reacted to the developing situation in that country, saying quote:

"We must protect our American personnel and do what we can to stop religious genocide, but it is President Obama's lack of leadership or strategy that has enabled. Al-Qaida to regain so much influence across the middle east. President Obama must articulate a strategy to defeat ISIS and protect American interests."

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