Pothole Patch-up Continues

BENTONVILLE, AR-- The snow and ice may be gone for now, but potholes are still here after road crews plowed away at snow and ice.

"We've had probably a few more than usual."

Bentonville Streets manager, Tony Davis said the broken roads are patched -- but it's only a temporary fix.

Davis said, "Days when it's 40 degrees below, we cannot get its called hot mix asphalt. The potholes that developed are temporarily patched with a mix."

Now with a break from the chill, Davis said "we do get asphalt hot mix then we go back and permanently fix them."

Davis said now that they can finally do permanent repairs, they're sticking to certain areas first because the damage can tear up more than your tires.

"We monitor the main roads to schools to make sure they are safe. Depending on the size, if you don't catch them early enough you can do car damage. You can have people swerving into other lanes trying to avoid potholes," Davis said.

Tony Davis said this is his crew's first order of business and he's encouraging the community to help spot the street pots.

"They do get repaired. That's a priority. Safety is the number one priority for the city of Bentonville. We're finding the location that the potholes are and repairing those. If they notice a pothole they can contact my office. We will make note of that and get to it as quickly as possible," Davis said.

Bentonville Street Department: 479-271-3130

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