Pryor vs. Cotton Campaign Heats Up

- WASHINGTON--The D.C. Publication "Roll Call" known for it's expertise covering Congress, released a "Top 10 most vulnerable Senators" list, and coming in at number two? Arkansas' Mark Pryor. While president Obama's low second term approval rating maybe a drag on democrats this election year, Roll Call says Mark Pryor's "rock-solid brand name" could allow him to outlast the challenge he's facing in this election. Meanwhile, the debate over immigration, taking center stage in Washington, and in this campaign. The Cotton campaign launching an online ad monday- blasting Pryor claiming his opponent supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, while ignoring the real crisis.
The Pryor campaign, in a statement released yesterday, is calling foul on the latest ad, stating in part quote: "If Congressman Cotton were being honest, he'd tell Arkansan's how Mark Pryor repeatedly bucked his party and President Obama by supporting a double-layer fence on the border, and that Mark last year voted for the strongest border security measures ever proposed."
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has launched a $3.6 million ad blitz against Cotton attacking his vote against funding for pediatric research at Arkansas Children's Hospital. The ad claims, "I don't know where his priorities are, but they're not with Arkansas' children." Cotton's camp released a statement soon after the release stating, "Once again Senator Mark Pryor's liberal allies are lying about Tom Cotton's record. In fact senator Pryor is the only candidate in this race who voted to cut funding for the programs they mention in this ad. It is unfortunate that after so many years in Washington, Mark Pryor and his friends have simply forgotten how to tell the truth."
The latest poll numbers show this race is pretty much a dead heat. A talk Business/Hendrix College poll showed a two point lead for Cotton last week, and a new poll by Public Policy Polling shows a similar number, giving a two point edge to Cotton, 41 to 39 percent. A third party candidacy is factoring into this race as well. University of Arkansas professor Hoyt Purvis, believes the third party support may come from the fact that people are tired of the back and fourth campaign. "We've had so much negativity, negative TV advertising, it may be that some people simply are saying "A pox on both your houses, we are going to vote for a third party candidate or we're not going to vote at all." Purvis said. Purvis believes the third party factor will diminish as the election gets closer, but still isn't ruling out the third parties effect. This important race will surely get more heated as November gets closer.

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