Rain Putting Pressure on #NWAChampionship Golf Course Groundkeepers

ROGERS, AR-- The Walmart Northwest Arkansas championship tournament kicks off on Friday, but with day one of the Pro-Am being somewhat of a washout, keepers of the course are hoping for clear skies.

Early morning mowing starts at 4:30 in the morning.

Chase Turpin said, "The more you can mow it, the more you can maintain it, the faster and firmer the surface is for the players."

Turf work never really stops, not with the pros in town. It takes a team of more than 25 to prepare the Pinnacle Country Club golf course for players.

Turpin said, "We're not doing much different from what we would for our membership, we're just doing it a lot more often."

There is a science behind turf management, says Turpin. "We apply a lot of chemicals, fungicides, herbicides, you have to have a background in chemistry. The better the playing surface you have, the more enjoyable the game is to play." As Course superintendent, Turpin holds a degree in turf management from the University of Arkansas.

But with rain moving through the area all week, there have been some delays on the course.

"With the large machines that we have to use to get out here and do all of our work, you can cause more damage than actual good if you have a wet golf course."

When the skies open up, the keepers of the course put their duties on hold. They pick up the pace when the rain lets up. With an eye on the forecast, Turpin is hoping for no more rain until after championship weekend.

"I'm hoping we don't have to run into that issue to where we can get out here and do what we do. If we get more rain, it's going to be a challenge."

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