Raw Milk On the Market; Farmers Cash in on Cows

PRAIRIE GROVE, AR -- If you're in the market for milk a new option is on the table.

Arkansas Act 1209 legalizing the sale of raw cow milk in is full effect.
And according to one farmer, it's in demand.

Passing on pasteurization, it's what got Mike Anderson into the business of bovines.

"Whenever they pasteurize and homogenize the milk. Unfortunately what it kills is the good microbes that your body needs for life," says Mike Anderson, who owns Illinois Chapel Farm.

Squirt by squirt his healthy hobby is turning into a cash cow now that raw milk sales are legal in the Natural State.

"We have people circling the wagons right now it's really really picked up."

About 20 customers just like John Swenson swing by the Prairie Grove farm with a variety of reasons why they want the cream straight from the cow.

"[I'm] just not a believer in things that don't have good bacteria in them like grandma used to drink," says Swenson.

Back in the barn, Mike explains how the bad bacteria doesn't make it's way in either.

"The milk is always going from glass to glass, which is easy to sanitize," says Anderson.

Everyday, he fills about four of these containers.

"There's been days I've thought this is just so much work."

But it's about so much more than money

"To have these families just thank me and tell me how much they appreciate it, it just pushes you on."

And helps milk a mindset.

"The more I think we start to rely on food that we raise ourselves or that we know is raised organically and in a chemical free environment, the more we can keep those things out of our body I think the healthier we're going to be," says Anderson.

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