Rep. Cotton Questions Sen. Pryor's Faith

"Barack Obama and Mark Pryor think that faith is something that only happens at 11 o'clock on Sunday mornings. That is when we worship, but faith is what we live every single day," Rep. Tom Cotton said.

These comments made Monday by Congressman Tom Cotton, hard for Senator Mark Pryor to not take personally.

"I'm disappointed in Congressman Cotton's comments about my faith, to compound this, he's questioned my faith, which is deeply personal to me, and I feel that it's a personal attack on me, and I feel that very deeply," Sen. Pryor said.

Cotton Wednesday, explained his controversial comment.

"I respect his faith but I just wish Sen. Pryor would respect the faith of all Arkansans which he didn't do when he cast the decisive vote for Obamacare," Cotton said.

What the two opponents have voted for and against, also the topic of heated debates.

"He says for example that I voted for federal funding for abortion, which is not true. He says I support late-term abortion, which is not true. In fact, I voted to ban partial birth abortion and late-term abortion," Sen. Pryor said.

Rep. Cotton however, arguing the Affordable Care Act supports abortion services.

"That law provides for tax payer funding of abortions and Mark Pryor and Barrack Obama and if liberal judges got their way it would it would force Christian business owners to pay for abortions in violation of their deeply held religious practices," Rep. Cotton said.

Though the jabs continue, both remain firm on their foundations.

"It's not a matter of our faith, Senator Pryor's faith, or my faith, it's a matter of the affect that his votes have on the practice of faith of all Arkansans," Rep. Cotton said.

"All I can say is I'm disappointed. I really regret the fact that he has taken his campaign this direction, but all I can do is run the kind of race I want to run and make my case to the people of Arkansas," Sen. Pryor said.

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