Residents Oppose Dump Truck Entrance on Harmon Road

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- People in Washington County, speaking out against a plan that would put more dump trucks on a busy local road.

Fayetteville resident, Nancy Stokes said "It's a growing community."

Just off of Harmon Road, is Wedington Woods. "We've got 250 some homes in here now."

It's a quiet residential community and Stokes is trying to keep it that way. "It's a good neighborhood to be in."

Benny Holtzclaw, president of Holtzclaw Excavating Incorporated has new plans for the area. He wants to lease land off of Harmon Road for a new Red Dirt Pit, asking the planning commission for approval "to build roads, building pads, we sell a lot of dirt for the University of Arkansas. We're going to abide by the speed limits, and we are going to do everything they ask us to do.", Holtzclaw said.

But many people aren't satisfied. Stokes says it's a matter of safety. "Fifty dump trucks coming to a tiny, narrow lane... it's 45 MPH through here and it is an accident waiting to happen. There are school buses here every day, morning and night. At least three of them come up this hill."

She wishes Holtzclaw would find another road for dump trucks. "These roads just aren't made for that kind of traffic."

Holtzclaw said, "This is the most logical and least disturbing area."

County planners did not make a decision on the proposal at Thursday's meeting. They will meet again on august 26.

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