Road-Clearing Resources Running Out

SPRINGDALE, AR-- It's a rough winter for road crews and in Springdale they are stocking up on supplies.

"We replenished our grit supply, we now have over 500 tons in place, we have 50 tons of salt because that is all we can store at one time, we have 1000 gallons of chloride and about 1,200 gallons of beet juice," Goade said.

However, mother nature's mess is making one crucial piece of equipment hard to find.

"We've had this extraordinary winter, there has been a huge demand for hardened steel plows blades that go on plows that are typically used for moving snow and ice off the roadway," Goade said.

Springdale Public Works director, Sam Goade said plow blades need to be changed every four to six hours and the department should have enough in stock for now but that could change.

Reporter, Christina Carilla, asked, "what if we have a crazy end to the winter like we're having now, what happens then? Goade said, "that would not be good."

With back-to-back storms of snow and ice, the supply continues to dwindle and Goade worries about what might happen. He said, "if we run out of blades, we cannot plow."

For now, they're making main roads a priority and plowing those first.

Goade said, "we're going to be conservative and concentrate on our 160 miles of main roads and keep an eye on our blade supply."

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