Road Crews Searching for Sinkholes After Storms

BENTON COUNTY, AR -- The threat of flooding was very real across our area so crews in Benton County were bracing for a battle against Mother Nature.
Jack Brown and his road department crew spent all day Thursday and Friday cutting down trees and clearing out ditches before the significant rainfall hit.
Thankfully the weather wasn't as severe as anticipated, so Benton County did not see too much damage or flooding.
This a welcome sight as recovery efforts are still underway from flooding in May, which damaged nearly 200 areas.
"We don't need 6, 8, 10 inches of rain in Benton County, the ground is totally saturated and we don't need the moisture right now. we'll take it in august I'm sure, but we definitely do not need the moisture right now," says Jack Brown, with the Benton County Road Department.
A third severe flooding situation would have cost the county even more money and resources.
Now, the concern is saturation, which can lead to issues like sinkholes.     
So the road department is asking folks to keep an eye out for any trouble spots and to report them to the county

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