Rogers High School Choir Students to Sing with 'Foreigner'

ROGERS,AR--School started last week and students with  Rogers High School choir hit the ground running. Friday, they're performing with "Foreigner".

Friday, the Walmart AMP continues its concert series with the band, Foreigner and tomorrow's concert will feature a few students from Northwest Arkansas.

"This is a great opportunity to perform on stage and get experience and we were very lucky to be selected cause there are lots of good high school choirs," said senior Jordan Rodriguez.

Rogers High School students getting a unique opportunity. Friday, they'll take the stage with 80's rock band-- Foreigner at the Walmart AMP.

"We kind of took the melody and even though it's just one thing basically over and over again, we added choreography  and energy," Rodriguez said.

A Foreigner spokesperson tells us they've performed with 700 other school choirs and with a reccomendation from the AMP, this Rogers choir was in. Students say while it's an honor to perform with the band, they're also raising money for a good cause.

"We will be selling CDs for  $20 to the audience and that does not go back to Foreigner, they're giving us the chance--that goes to the Grammy Foundation for high schools and it puts, it gives other schools a chance to keep music in their schools," said senior Darrion Gentry.

"Lots of people don' t think that the arts is really important but it helps people grow and it learns, it teaches them to be outgoing and um learn respect," Rodriguez said.

Rogers High School principal, Charles Lee, says the choir has distinguished themselves in previoius years, but Friday's show at home is a big deal.

Foreigner was probably around before most of these students were born," said Principal Charles Lee.
"They have been all over the United States and have won numerous awards, but you know I can tell you that getting the opportunity to perform right here at the AMP tomorrow night is just as uh exciting as those trips."

And the choir says it's sure to be a great show.

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