Rules For Checking Kids Out of School

SPRINGDALE -- Police arrested Wilmer Magana-Moreno, 19, Wednesday, after they say he had been having sex with an underage girl he met at church. Officers say the 19-year-old began seeing the 15-year-old when she was 14.

The girl told detectives he gave her an iPhone to communicate with him. The girl's parents contacted the police department when they discovered a video of the two having sex. According to the police report, she told investigators Moreno would sometimes check her out of school and take her back to his house, where they would have sex.

Police say something isn't adding up, and the girl may have been skipping school.

Wilmer Moreno was arrested by Springdale Police on Wednesday.

The girl told investigators Moreno occasionally checked her out of Lakeside Junior High School in Springdale for sex.

Lieutenient Derek Hudson tells us they are having a hard time believing Moreno was able to beat the school security system.

Hudson said, "There should have been no way that he was picking up the young lady from school, but what is more likely is she is skipping school. It's junior high and when they were changing classes or whatever she could have had him come pick her up."

KNWA reached out to the Springdale School District to find out what security measures are in place and whether a stranger can check students out of school, or if they can in fact leave voluntarily.

Rick Schaeffer, with the Springdale School District tells us there is a strict system in place. He said there is no way an unknown individual can check students out.

Likewise, he said students under the age of 18 cannot leave without a note from parents. Even with that, they must present a signed doctor's note upon their return.

Schaeffer said, "All of our doors have a system where you have to hit a buzzer and say who you are in order to get in and then you go to the office. Ff you are on the list and they know you, then they go get the child if they don't know you, you have to produce identification that shows who you are."

Schaeffer said the security system is a strong one that works and parents should feel safe knowing their children are well-protected.

Springdale Police said Wilmer Moreno was arrested for computer exploitation of a child, sexual indecency with a child, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is being held at the Washington County Detention Center, awaiting a hearing.

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