School's Out, But Books are Still Coming to NWA Kids

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- School may be out but books are still coming to kids in Northwest Arkansas.

It's part of Fayettville Public School's book mobile tour on the move in local neighborhoods.

"We pull up, we bring out our bins of books and our snack packs and our water," says Sarah Jewell, Library Media Specialist at Holt Middle School. "And we are able to give the kids great books to read over the summer and an opportunity to get different books every Monday."

"I picked out this book and it's called Touchdown," says fourth grader Jackson Harmon.

"I got a book called The Babysitter's Club" says fourth grader Karringtin Deffebaugh.

"We had seen on the Ellen Show actually a woman doing it in Oklahoma," says Jewell. "So I thought, you know, this is something I think that a lot of kids in the Fayetteville Public Schools would appreciate and I think the teachers appreciate it as well."

"I think it's really cool because kids will get a chance over the summer to read amazing books," says Deffebaugh.

"You can check them out and then read them just over the summer just to keep your reading grades up, says Harmon. It's just reading all summer."

Deffebaugh says, "Keep reading kids!"

For a list of stop locations, dates and times, see below:

Monday, July 7
Monday, July 14
Monday, July 21
Monday, July 28


1 - Red Oak Park (Boxley, Carlsbad area) 9:30 am
2 - Links at Wedington Apts. 10:15 am
3 - Woodway Apts. 11:00 am
4 - Raven St. (Off Mt. Comfort) 11:45 am
5 - Washington Plaza Apts. 1:00 pm
6 - Sycamore Ave near Southern Trends 1:45 pm
7 - Lakeside Village Apts. 2:30 pm

In order to help with arrival times and reminders, we have activated a reminder 101 text app. This app allows us to send out weekly reminders as well as an estimated time on that day. If you are interested in doing this, simply text your bookmobile stop code to (512) 271-4307. The codes are as follows: for Stop 1 enter @bookstop1, for Stop 2 enter @bookstop2, for Stop 3 enter @bookstop3, for Stop 4 enter @bookstop4. etc.

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