Search for Possible Child Abductors Expands, More Cases Found

"Obviously you hear your son or a kid say 'no' that loud, you're going to pay attention," Capt. Joshua Herring with the Huntsville Police Department said.

That's exactly how a 4-year-old boy in this Huntsville neighborhood reacted when offered an ice cream sandwich by a stranger.

But when the two men in the dark blue minivan saw the boys mother come around the corner, they sped off.

"When they hit the stop sign at the end of the road, they ran through the stop sign trying to get away as fast as they could. The biggest thing is, is that kid was very lucky not only because he knew what to do, but because his mom was out there."

One lead in the case involving a sex offender, led to a dead end. Herring said without a license plate number the case is on hold.

That's until law enforcement in Alpena in Boone County and Holiday Island in Carroll County said they've had similar incidents happen in the last couple days, with the same dark blue minivan, same two men and each time trying to lure a child into the car.

Herring is a parent himself and said a child's safety is ultimately the parents responsibility.

"Would I ever just go into the house and ignore them for an hour? No, that's not going to happen. So a lot of it I personally believe falls back on the parents, that the parents just need to keep a better eye on them."

Also, make sure your kids understand who can be trusted.

"Coming to a small town, where everybody knows everybody, the trust circle is, you know, the city limits basically. But we've got to teach our kids, yes they know us, or that person may know you [but] they're not our family," he said.

While a crime hasn't been committed, Herring said these actions could be considered disorderly conduct and the investigation continues.

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