Severe Storms Have Emergency Crews on High Alert

BENTON COUNTY, AR -- Clear skies and sunshine had some deceived, but emergency management teams were on high alert as a weather system quickly moved in Thursday.

"We activate the number of personnel based on the need of what we anticipate is going to happen," said Robert McGowen, Director of Benton County Emergency Management Agency.

Storms rolled into Benton County bringing thunder, lightning, rain and strong winds. McGowen and his emergency management crews were keeping in contact with the sheriff's office, police, fire and city officials.

"We also have a radio link with the National Weather Service in Tulsa and we monitor that channel. Sometimes they give us information a little bit ahead of what we might get from other sources."

Storm spotters were deployed and they played a vital role in determining where the weather system was moving and which areas might be in its path.

"They can tell us a lot from what they see out there compared to sometimes the things the radar's not telling you or sometimes they're able to see it before the radar tells you about it."

Thankfully, at the time of this posting, we have not received any reports of storm damage. If that changes, we will be sure to get you in the know.

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