Shopping Local During No Sales Tax Weekend

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--Tax free weekend is here and shoppers are taking to the stores across the state to save some cash.

It's a phrase we hear all the time, shop local. But with the tax free weekend applying to mostly school suppiles, some stores don't often get the chance to capitalize on the weekend.

A local boutique in the area says it's doing everything it can to keep the customers coming.

"I wanted to come while i had the chance to get tax free and i ended up getting a lot of good sales too," said Morgan Gillespie while taking full advantage of this year's tax free weekend.

"You can always find what you want when you're shopping local."

She's doing it all while shopping at a local boutique.

"If you shop local then it helps the local economy," said Gillespie. "They can supply more unique clothes and personal clothes and stuff that you wouldn't find at those department stores."

Morgan she's hoping to put a unique spin on her wardrobe and thanks to Belle Boutique, she has plenty of options.

"I knew that this weekend was tax free...and I wanted to get a lot of stuff for back to school and for gamedays," Gillespie said.

"What makes this weekend really different is because normally you know we'll have a sale but it'll be specifically to like you know maybe one thing or it'll be not as great of a discount. said Boutique associates, Brianna Graham.

During the tax free weekend you can catch a break on school supplies and clothing, but this local boutique believes in cutting costs on accessories too.

"I mean if you're getting something tax free, you might as well, if we're going to have a sale, might as well have it on tax free weekend," said Graham.

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