Siloam Springs: Using Videos to 'Dodge Disaster'

SILOAM SPRINGS, AR-- Spring is just around the corner and with the change in season, Siloam Springs is preparing for tornadoes with more than sirens.

"The biggest danger is they don't know what to do when the event occurs and they panic and it creates chaos," Neely said.

Neely said, "storm sirens are actually pre-World War II technology. They only notify you if you are within earshot outside, and they are not meant to be heard inside of a home. Home is the safest place to be in the event of a tornado."

It's part of a new city-safe initiative... getting folks ready so when tornadoes touch down they can rely on their own resources.

"It makes for a better community. The people are safer. They are more resilient and more self sustaining.

Chief Neely said most tornadoes can be survived, but you have to be prepared and now thanks to the city, you can find safety information almost anywhere you look.

"Here in public safety we have a product to sell and when people buy our product they stop drop and roll, they learn about burn, they know where the safest place to go is," Neely said.

Posting "take cover" videos on Facebook and the city web site, plus billboards and pamphlets around town, fire chief, Greg Neely is helping folks dodge disaster. Because by taking action now, you can avoid reaction later.

"Without a plan there is chaos. It's really important for all the public safety disciplines to come together. It's just makes the community a better place to live and a safer place to live," Neely said.

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