Spring, and Pollen Are In The Air!

Spring is in the air and so is pollen! Health department workers say, so far, pollen counts are what they would expect for this time of the year. But allergy experts say this season could become worse.
"Because of the fact that we've had a lot of snow, we're going to have a lot more moisture on the ground, which means that things will pollenate and grow faster," said Dr. Minh-Thu Le, an allergist and immunologist.
Trees are starting to bloom, and according to Dr. Le, those with tree allergies need to beware. Tree pollen peaks now through early April, grass in April, mold July through September, and weed in September. Many people are allergic to all four types of allergens.
"They kind of have allergies all through the year. At that point you're kind of stuck using medications for that amount of time.
There are three types of nasal medications: Decongestants, antihistamines, and nasal steroids, which should be used before major symptoms start, so don't wait until your in the throws of congestion."
Dr. Le warns of the potential risk of using decongestants, like Neosynephrine, and Dristan. "Unfortunately they're also the most addictive. So you're nose starts to want to have that medication," she said.
There are key times when allergy sufferers should minimize outside activity. "Just before the sun comes up and just before the sun goes down are the times when the pollen counts are the highest."

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