Stocking Up on Snacks Before Game Day

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- It's almost time for the big game and this year we've got winter weather in the forecast to go along with it.

Marvins Food Stores store manager in Fayetteville, David McConnell, said "We've got the snow coming in here, there's like about two or three storms coming in one right after the other and of course it's Super Bowl weekend. Everybody is trying to get some supplies in for Sunday."

It's the final countdown to kickoff and with winter weather in the forecast, folks in Northwest Arkansas are stocking up early.

"Your Velveeta, your pop, your chips and things like that to party with. There are a few older folks just getting stocked up on the bread and the milk and a little bit of ice melt just in case," McConnell said.

McConnell said with twice as many customers, there are twice as many deals.

One customer said, "I'm looking forward to it, I'm going to get some nachoes and cheese."

The store was stocked with super bowl snacks after food delivery trucks moved in and out of the parking lot all day but with winter weather on the way, some shelves -- still ending up empty.

One customer said, I needed to get a few things like milk and bread in case I can't get out tomorrow."

Another man said, "it looks like they are selling a lot of bread I will say that.

McConnell thinks most folks are shopping on Saturday so they can hang out at home on game day.

"I think most people are getting what they are going to get today and hunkering down for the Super Bowl," McConnell said.

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