Subway's Jared Brings Big Pants, Positive Message to Local School

FORT SMITH -- Jared Fogle, better known as "Subway Jared", stopped by Euper Elementary Thursday morning to talk to the kids about the importance of healthy eating.

After a quick assembly and exercise lesson, Jared gave the kids a Subway Eating Challenge where students could earn money by eating good foods.

Fogle says he is teaching and challenging the kids to eat better and wishes he would’ve had someone educate him about eating healthy when he was younger.

"I look back at my life and I wish I had somebody like me who did an assembly like that for me because, honestly, I think you never know when hearing a personal story is going to influence a child," says Folgle. "Obviously, these kids don’t look at me as just an adult or teacher, but they look at me as 'Jared the Subway Guy.’"

Fogle says he is heading to schools in Oklahoma before boarding a plane to Dallas to continue on with his mission.

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