Super Security at Super Bowl XLVIII

NEW JERSEY -- Security has beefed up around MetLife Stadium in preparation for the Super Bowl. There are even precautions in place to prevent a repeat of last year's lights-out. The spectacle has been declared a national security event, meaning nothing gets overlooked by those in charge.
"We are relying, very heavily, on our uniformed officers, our plain clothes officers of which there will be significant numbers of, but in most instances in issues concerning terrorism or disorder or crime, we rely on the publics help."
"At a large event, a large and invisible event like this, security depends, very much, also on public participation. Campaigns like 'If you see something, say something' are critical, are an important contribution to the effort," said Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.
As for any chance of a repeat from a year ago, when the lights went out? Officials said, not a chance at MetLife Stadium.
"This stadium, as it stands today, the preparations and checkings and learnings of last year, the stadium is in exceptional condition to have uninterrupted power," said Eric Grubman, executive VP of the NFL.

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