Suspect Tells Residents: 'I'm Going To Kill You'

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. --- Jacobey Cooley was arrested on Thursday night for aggravated residential burglary and terroristic threatening. According to the report, police responded to 1189 N. West End for a robbery on Thursday night. The man inside, Brandon Doss, heard a knock at the door and told the person to come in.

The report states that a black man was at the door with a gun and said “I'm going to kill you, give me the sh---. I'm going to kill you, give me the sh---.” After Doss walked toward the man, Fayetteville police said the man ran out the front door, but when his leg caught a piece of metal on the ground, he fell.

Doss chased the man, but lost track of him when he turned. After looking for the suspect, police found a man matching the description, identified as Jacobey Cooley, hiding by an apartment complex. Cooley said he was meeting someone named Fred. However, police found out there was no one in the apartment complex named Fred.

Cooley was identified in a photo lineup by Doss and is now at the Washington County Detention Center where he is being charged with Aggravated Residential Burglary and Terroristic Threatening 1st degree.

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