Taking on "ARKAN-SAUNA"...Without A/C

FAYETTEVILLE, AR--Arkan-sauna...A name to describe the brutal summer heat in the natural state.

For Samantha Corral and her brother, it broke their A/C.

"I think it went out overnight actually. And we just woke up in the morning and new something that was not right because the house was like a sauna," said homeowner Samantha Corral.

Samantha was left with a hot house... And little hope.

"I thought there was no way we were getting it fixed. I mean it's Sunday, I know several people who's air conditionings have gone out," said Corral. "We just tried to stay out of the house. I went to church this morning and went--tried to just stay away from the house for as long as I could until it got fixed."

But luckily, A/C repairmen across the area are working well into the weekend during hot summer days.

"People don't wanna be hot on the weekend," said repairman Sam Berg.

With a steamy forecast across the region... Sam berg expected calls to come in.

"It's been a little hotter," Berg said. "The A/C's are getting stressed out a little more than their used to because it's been such a mild summer. We're starting to see a lot of failures of compressor capacitors that the heat affects dramatically."

And he's glad to help families like this one... Stay cool.

"I never--never thought it'd get fixed today so I'm a pretty happy camper right now," said Carrol.

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