'The area I live in right now is not the environment that I would choose for my children.'

PRAIRIE GROVE, AR-- Volunteers spent their Saturday building the 51st habitat for humanity home and the first one ever in the city of Prairie Grove. It's a big move for the organization, but will make an even bigger difference in the lives of one Fayetteville family.

Development manager, Michelle Davis, said "I would say 90% of the people that come to us are in trouble because of either medical bills or a divorce."

Rebecca Ponder said it was divorce that forced her and her three kids out of their home and into a bad situation. "The area I live in right now is not the environment that I would choose for my children, but I really don't have a choice. There is drug dealing and a lot of violence. We've already had somebody break into our windows."

But before long, Rebecca won't have to worry. There's a new Habitat for Humanity construction permit with her name on it.

Davis said, "This is our 51st house, but it is also our first house built here in Prairie Grove. Our partner families come into the program, they work three to four hundred hours of sweat equity and they help build their own houses and then they purchase the houses from us."

Davis said the organization gives families a "hand-up" and not a hand-out.

"We just consider ourselves a mortgage holder with a heart. We work with them as best as we can and we keep that payment as 30% of their income and they pay their mortgages. Because they do, we can turn around and help other people in the community so in addition to getting help from us, they are turning around and giving back to the community."

The new house will give Rebecca and her family a fresh start on a safe street.

Rebecca said, "I won't have to worry so much. You know being a mom, you worry like crazy. I like this neighborhood. I'm very grateful. There are no words that can describe that."

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