The Primary Election is Your Chance to Vote for Judicial Candidates

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS-- Ahead of the May 20 election, many folks are probably wondering what the ballot will look like.

With the recent same-sex ruling by Pulaski County judge, Chris Piazza, you might be interested in the judicial election. The may 20 primary election is actually the judicial general election. You won't be voting for circuit judges or prosecuting attorneys come November unless there is a runoff.

It is required by law for judicial candidates to be on the preferential non-partisan primary election ballot... meaning they're not affiliated with any specific political party. Washington County clerk, Becky Lewallen, wants to remind folks next week's election might be your only chance to influence judicial positions.

Lewallen said, "It is a concern that they don't know the judges' races are on the ballot. This is their general election. If there were to be a runoff, it would be in November. Go out there, see the candidates in your area and read up about them, decide who you want to vote, get out there and vote now."

Signs for the candidates are all over Benton and Washington County roads, but if you still aren't sure who is running we have a breakdown for you. These are the contested judicial races for this month's primary election.

Washington County:
Circuit judge, district 4, division 01.
--Brian Lester
--Judge Doug Martin

Circuit judge, district 4, division 03.
-- Judge Stacey Zimmerman
-- Lisa Parks

Benton county:
Prosecuting Attorney, District 19-West.
--Kimberly R. Weber
--Nathan Smith

Benton and Washington Counties:
State Supreme Court Associate Justice
--Court of Appeals Judge Robin Wynne
--Tim Cullen

These candidates will be on the ballot, depending on which county you are voting in for this may 20 primary election. You can see a copy of the ballots by visiting county web sites.

Washington County
Benton County

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