The Pulse: #1 Party School

Number 5:
Syracuse University has taken the throne as Princeton Review's number one party school in the nation.
Previously number five, the orange beat out last year's titleholder, the University of Iowa, kicking it to the number two spot.
The University of California at Santa Barbara comes in third, and West Virginia University holds onto fourth place.
The party school ranking is based on survey responses of 130,000 students at the schools.

Number 4:
Mortgage rates are still relatively low, but thanks to tighter lending regulations, home buyers are paying a lot more when it comes time to close on the loan.
The average cost of closing on a 200,000 dollar loan was more than 25-hundred dollars in June.
That's according to data from Bankrate.Com.
That's 6% higher than last year. So why is closing so expensive?
Since the mortgage crisis, new guidelines have been set on lenders, the extra manpower needed to abide by the changes is a cost that's passed on to customers.

Number 3:
A humanitarian cease-fire between Israel and Hamas appears to be holding, more than six hours into a three-day pause in hostilities.
Israel says it has pulled all of its troops from Gaza and said it will send a delegation to Cairo for talks if the truce holds.
Israeli officials said they were winding down their ground operation in Gaza, aimed at demolishing Hamas' network of tunnels that extends under the border.

Number 2:
The high ranking US officer killed in an attack in Afghanistan Tuesday has been identified as Major General Harold Greene.
General Greene, a husband and father from New York state, was in the Army for 34 years.
The two star General was helping Afghan soldiers take over control from coalition forces.
He was shot dead Tuesday by one of those Afghan soldiers at a training facility in Kabul.
He is the highest ranking American officer to be killed in the war on terror since 9/11.

Number 1:

The second US Ebola patient arrived in Georgia Tuesday for treatment, as US health officials work to figure out just how the two Americans were infected.
This afternoon, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it's still working to complete its investigation.

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