The Pulse: 4 Dead at Fort Hood Shooting

Four people, including the suspected gunman, dead at Fort Hood in Texas. This is Wednesday's edition of "The Pulse."

Four people dead and more than 14 injuries reported at Fort Hood in Texas Wednesday. Law enforcement agencies are still at the military base, as the investigation begins. Officials say the shooting was a soldier-on-soldier attack, not terror-related. President Obama spoke about the shooting from Chicago, promising to get to the bottom of what happened. This was the second shooting at the base in 5 years.

A Long Island teenager has been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. Seventeen-year-old Kwasi Enin hasn't decided which school he wants to attend. He got a 2250 out of 2400 on his SAT -- that's better than 99 percent of students taking the exam. But Enin was also involved in extracurricular activities and credits his parents with his academic success.

Former football player Michael Strahan could be joining ABC's "Good Morning America" program. ABC News executives have been holding talks with the former New York Giants defensive end for months. He already co-hosts a 9 a.m. show with Kelly Ripa. Earlier this week, "GMA" abruptly said goodbye to news anchor Josh Elliott, who is moving to be a host and contributor for NBC Sports.

The Supreme Court ruled on political campaign financing Wednesday. In a 5-to-4 ruling, the court eliminated limits on how much people can donate to political campaigns in a single election season. But the court upheld the $5,200 limit on how much one give to any single candidate. Supporters call the decision a victory for free speech. But opponents call it legalized bribery.

Microsoft has announced a free update to Windows 8.1. The new operating system is designed to improve the experience for mouse and keyboard users. The taskbar will now be accessible from anywhere in the system, including the start screen. Users will also be able to pin apps to the task bar. The update will be available for free next week.

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