The Pulse: 61 Hot Dogs Eaten in 10 Minutes

The Pulse for July 4th:

Number 5:
New details revealed at a court hearing in Georgia as prosecutors lay out their case against Justin Ross Harris.
He's the father accused of murder after leaving his toddler son in a hot car for seven hours.
What was he doing while his son was suffering? Sexting with up to 6 women, one being 16 years old.
Plus, new search warrants released today allege Ross Harris talked to family members about his dead son's life insurance policy.
He had two policies for his son Cooper totaling 27,000 dollars.
The case is far from over. Ross Harris pleaded not guilty to murder, and remains in jail after being denied bond.

Number 4:
Joran Van der Soot is tying the knot Friday in prison.
Van der Sloot is the main suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba.
He's facing a 28-year sentence in Peru for the murder of Stephany Flores in 2010.
The Van der Sloot will marry his pregnant girlfriend with his lawyer serving as a witness.

Number 3:
In World Cup news, Brazil celebrating their win over Columbia tonight.
But it comes at a cost.
Brazil's star striker Neymar, JR. Is out after being stretchered off the field during the game.
Brazil will take on Germany next.
A private clinic says Neymar fractured a vertebra and is out for the rest of the world cup.

Number 2:
The 99th annual Nathan's Hot Dog eating competition happened today at Coney Island, with the defending legends looking to retain their titles.
The ladies kicked off today's contest., but defending champ Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas did not take home the pink belt this year.
As for the men, it was a different story for defending champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, eating 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
But "Jaws" left with a new title today as well. It's fiance. He asked his girlfriend to marry him before the competition.
According to ESPN, 61 hot dogs equates to about 24,000 calories.
Seems he may be spending some time on the treadmill before the wedding.

Number 1:
There are new pictures of Hurricane Arthur from space.
The clean up, beginning Friday on the shores of North Carolina.
And the mess, made worse, as more than 40,000 people are left without power.

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