The Pulse: A 3,500 Calorie Meal, Ebola Travel Warning & What Congress Has (or Hasn't) Accomplished

Red Robin is famous for tasty burgers. Now infamous...for having the unhealthiest meal you can order, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Red Robin has a meal that is about 3,500 calories - the monster double burger served with bottomless fries and a monster milkshake. Two-hundred chain restaurant menus were surveyed and results focused on dishes and combos high in fat, sugar and calories.Here are some other high-calorie superstars: Joe's Crab Shack Seafood Platter and Maggiano's steak dish. The federal government will soon require calorie counts on chain restaurant menu's nationwide.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a heightened travel warning Thursday to countries with Ebola. The so-called "level three alert" warns against all non-essential travel to countries coping with the outbreak. According to the World Health Organization, 729 people have died from the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria since March. CDC Director Thomas Frieden says even in a best-case scenario, it could easily take three to six months to stem the epidemic of Ebola in West Africa. The CDC is sending 50 more workers to the region to try to fight the worsening outbreak.

President Obama, responding today to the GOP led House approving a resolution authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue him.The vote was 225 to 201. Republicans say the President's executive actions to change obamacare and make other policy decisions on his own are unconstitutional. They believe it's Congress' job to make or change laws. This authorization allows the GOP lawsuit to be filed in federal court. The President responded today.
"Think about how much further along we'd be if Congress would do it's job. Instead, the big event last night, you know - it wasn't a vote on minimum wage, wasn't a vote on immigration reform, strengthening the borders, you know, it wasn't a vote on, you know, family leave. What did they have a vote on? They got together, in the House of Representatives, the Republicans, and voted to sue me for taking the actions that I - that we are doing to help families."
for weeks -- the white house has pushed congress to pass legislation to deal with the influx of central american children and families crossing the border.

And now, lawmakers are about to flee Washington for a long August break without securing the immigration funding that the President said was vitally needed. For more on this, click the video on this page.

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