The Pulse: A Big Birthday, One Man Misses Two Doomed Flights, and New Affordable Care Act Rulings

Britain's Prince George is celebrating his first birthday today. The young prince is the first child of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The photo was taken during the future king's recent visit to the Natural History Museum in London.

A Dutch man avoided tragedy twice by not boarding Malaysia Airlines flight 370 or flight 17. The Malaysia air flight over Ukraine was shot down with 298 people on board; the flight from Kuala Lampur in March disappeared with 239 passengers; and in each instance, one man was missing. Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge was supposed to be on both planes but both times changed his ticket.

The black boxes from Malaysia Airlines flight 17 are now in the hands of Malaysian officials. Britain's prime minister says they will be taken to the UK for analysis. Meanwhile, the finger pointing continues. Pro-Russian rebels have repeatedly denied they shot down the plane. Ukraine's spy chief has made the claim that only a Russian officer would have the training to operate a missile. Russia has strongly denied any involvement. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he is pushing for a full investigation. Senator John McCain blasted Putin today saying he is quote 'literally getting away with murder.'

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is now affecting major international and American airlines. Today, the Federal Aviation Administration suspended US flights into Tel Aviv's International airport for 24 hours, after a rocket landed less than a mile away. With Israel and Hamas in the 15th day of fighting - Secretary of State John Kerry was in Cairo, struggling to broker a cease-fire. The death toll rising - the fighting claiming some 30 Israelis and more than 600 Palestinians.

Two Federal Appeals courts weigh in on a crucial component of President Obama's Affordable Care Act - with very different opinions. If upheld, the decision of one court could make health coverage more difficult for millions of Americans. For more, watch the video on this page.

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