The Pulse: Amazing Video of a Police Officer Saving a Child's Life & The Latest on the Immigration Crisis

Matt Stutzman - an armless archer - is preparing for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. Matt took up the sport just a few years ago and has already earned a silver medal at the 2012 Paralympic Games. He just placed fifth against 1,800 of the world's best archers with arms.

A life-saving rescue by an officer, caught on video. The policeman's department-issued body camera was rolling when he responded to a call for help after a two-year-old fell into a swimming pool. Two-year-old Drances, from Cleveland, wound up getting too close to the back yard swimming pool and fell in. He was found lifeless by relatives. He has fully recovered. ####

Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to strike down a Democratic sponsored bill that would have reversed the supreme courts recent decision allowing some for-profit companies to deny health insurance coverage of birth control. The vote was 56-43 to move ahead on the measure, short of the 60 votes necessary to proceed. Democrats pushed hard for the legislation which would have banned for-profit companies from refusing to cover any federally guaranteed health benefits for religious reasons.  The bipartisan clash comes two weeks after the court sided 5-4 with Hobby Lobby and two other corporations that challenged the birth control coverage in the Affordable Care Act.

More than 200 Palestinians have been killed as the conflict between Israel and militants in Gaza enters its ninth day. Israel resumed airstrikes in Gaza yesterday after honoring a ceasefire for six hours proposed by Egypt. During that time, Israeli officials say more than 50 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza. Today, a senior Hamas official sent a text message to the Associated Press saying the group -quote- "informed Cairo today officially that we don't accept the proposal they made." Hamas said the deal didn't address the group's major demands, such as an end to Israel's and Egypt's blockade of Gaza. Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on world leaders to condemn Hamas for rejecting the ceasefire and for firing rockets into Israel.

A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress to address the immigration crisis is about to crumble, despite heavy pressure from the White House to act and tension breaking out across the country over what is happening at the Southern border. For more - click the video on this page.

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