The Pulse: American Infected with Ebola Showing Signs of Improvement

Number 5:
More than 400,000 Toledo, Ohio residents are without water.
A dangerous toxin, microcystis , was found Friday in samples from Lake Erie, which supplies the area's water.
The substance comes from an algae bloom.
Officials say testing the water supply is taking longer than expected.
The residents can't drink or cook with the tap water until it's determined it's safe.
Many folks are left struggling to find water.

Number 4:
Protestors headed to Senator John McCain's office in Phoenix today.
They're protesting the CREST Act or "Children Returning on an Expedited and Safe Timeline" act introduced by Senators McCain and Jeff Flake.
The protesters say the act is unconstitutional because it makes it illegal to identify and communicate where illegal immigrants are being transported.
Senator McCain was not at his office Sunday.

Number 3:
A missing Israeli soldier, believed to have been kidnapped by Palestinian militants, was discovered to have actually died in a suicide bombing in Gaza.
The Israeli Defense Forces made the announcement Sunday.
Meanwhile another school was shelled in southern Gaza, where nearly 3,000 people had sought shelter.
IDF said it was targeting militants in the area.

Number 2:
A 6.1 magnitude earthquake rocked southwest China Sunday, resulting in hundreds of deaths.
State-run media reports more than three hundred people were killed and nearly 1,600 others injured.
The earthquake also reportedly damaged or destroyed more than 40,000 homes.

Number 1:
The first known Ebola patient in the US is being treated at an Atlanta hospital.
And tonight, he's showing positive signs of improvement.
A medical plane flew Dr. Kent Brantly from Liberia to Georgia earlier this week.
He arrived at Emory University Hospital Saturday where he was placed in isolation.
So far, the Ebola outbreak has infected more than 1,300 people and killed more than 700, causing concern for many in the US, which has never before had a human case of the virus.

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