The Pulse: Clinton Slams Rove for Comments about Hillary

In Wednesday's edition of "The Pulse," Bill Clinton slams GOP strategist Karl Rove for saying Hillary Clinton is in too poor health to run for president.

Bill Clinton says his wife is in great shape and laughed off Republican strategist Karl Rove, who suggested Hillary Clinton could be too weak to run for president. The former president was at a forum on economic policy when he was asked about Rove's comments that Hillary may have a brain injury from her concussion in 2012.
"First of all, I've got to give him credit," Clinton said. "That embodies that old saying 'consistency is the Hobgoblin of little minds. First, they said she faked her concussion. And now, they say she's auditioning for a part on 'The Walking Dead.'"
Clinton said his wife needed 6 months of treatment to recover from the concussion. Rove is a Fox News contributor.

Near San Diego, a wildfire has forced more than 11,000 people to evacuate. The fire broke out Wednesday in Carlsbad, north of San Diego, also forcing several schools nearby to evacuate. At least two buildings have burned, according to officials in Carlsbad.

It's been 8 years in the making, and now the 9/11 Memorial Museum is set to open its doors. The space is filled with chilling reminders of one of the worst days in American history. The museum features more than 10,000 artifacts, including exhibits on the Pentagon and Flight 93.

Is a sunken shipwreck off the coast of Haiti the long-lost "Santa Maria" of Christopher Columbus fame? Underwater explorer Barry Clifford thinks so. Clifford has spent years searching for the shipwreck, and he said Wednesday that Columbus' own writings verify this is the wreck of the "Santa Maria." Archaeologists still have to excavate the site and verify the claim.

A 4-year-old California boy has himself a new hero: his cat. Jeremy, who has mild autism, was attacked by a dog. That's when his family's cat, Tara, jumped in and chased the dog away. The boy needed stitches on his leg but his whole family says they are glad the injury wasn't worse.

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