The Pulse: Conflict in Middle East Escalates

Elephants playing soccer to determine who will win the World Cup; Germany says nein to our CIA chief staying in their country; and an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council on the crisis in the Middle East. This is "The Pulse."

The crisis in the Middle East continues to escalate. Militants firing rockets at Jerusalem, two of which landed in open areas of the city. This, as Israeli forces continue to strike Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, hitting hundreds of targets and killing more than 80 people as a result.
"15 Seconds. That's how much time you have to run for your life," Israel's Ambassador to the UN Ron Proso said.
And Palestine's delegate at the UN also called for international help.
"We call on the Security Council to act immediately to protect civilian lives which are being lost and destroyed with each passing minute," Riyad Mansour said.
This current situation the worst since eight days of fighting took place in . That conflict was ended by egyptian negotiated truce.

Ronald Lee Haskell was taken into custody late Wednesday after what authorities call, a dark day in the town of Spring, Texas, near Houston. This location is a home in an upscale neighborhood, where Haskell is believed to have shown up Wednesday afternoon, tied up 5 children and 2 adults inside, then shot each in the head. The only survivor, a 15-year-old girl, called police and identified the shooter as her ex-uncle. After cornering Haskell, at one point, lawmen used armored vehicles to sandwich his car. The standoff lasted more than three hours until Haskell came out, arms up.

The German government said Thursday it is expelling the U.S. CIA station chief based at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. This comes after two allegations emerged of Germans spying for the United States over the last week. As a matter of policy, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest declined to comment on the reported intelligence activity. The issue comes as U.S.-German relations are already shaky in the aftermath of disclosures by classified leaker Edward Snowden that showed the United States was listening in on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone calls.

Texas Governor Rick Perry took a tour of a stretch of the U.S.-Mexican-border in Rio Grande Valley Thursday amid the escalating border crisis. Perry's visit comes on the heels of his meetings with President Obama. Perry and Obama met twice when the president was in Dallas to discuss border security, housing and other ways to deal with the flood of undocumented immigrants. The president urged the Republican governor, who is very critical of his immigration policy, to encourage members of the Texas Congressional delegation to support his nearly four billion dollar emergency spending request to Congress.

Something you don't see every day: a penalty shootout between a pair of young elephants at a Thai zoo shows that Germany will win the FIFA World Cup 2014 title. The two female jumbos named Ae and Linda attempted to be animal oracles before the two giants in the football world will clash in the World Cup final on Sunday. Ae represented Germany, and made one goal out of three spot kicks while Linda scored none.

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