The Pulse: Details of News Helicopter Crash

This is Saturday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- Walmart is launching a new tool to help shoppers make sure they get the best price. It is called Savings Catcher. Available in select cities, all you have to do is enter your receipt number online then Walmart checks advertised prices in your area. If the savings catcher finds a price lower than what you paid, Walmart will make up for it by giving you the difference on an e-gift card.

Number four -- Baseball fans have stepped up to the plate and collected the necessary 100,000 signatures for a campaign to make opening day a national holiday. The petition kicked off less than a month ago with Budweiser and hall of fame shortstop Ozzie Smith. The White House will have to make a decision on this matter, which could take a few months. Opening day for the 2014 season is March 31.

Number three -- India is celebrating a major public health victory. The government says that despite incredible challenges, it has eradicated polio. The World Health Organization is expected to make it official on March 27.

Number two -- Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared more than two weeks ago and the search for clues remains a global effort. Australia and China have both released satellite images of what appears to be a large floating object in the southern Indian Ocean. Search crews have turned up nothing in the area, but leaders are remaining cautiously optimistic. Seven countries have reported their nations had no radar sightings of the missing plane.

Number one -- We have new information about the fatal KOMO news helicopter crash in Seattle, Washington. The NTSB has released a preliminary report that says the chopper started rotating counter clockwise after taking off from its helipad. It continued rotating in a counterclockwise direction for 360 degrees of rotation then pitched forward in a nose-low attitude. It will likely take a year or more before the final report is released.

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