The Pulse: Hot Car Death Investigation Turns to Mother

The investigation into a Georgia toddler's death in a hot car turns to the child's mother in the top story of Monday's edition of "The Pulse."

More search warrants are being released in the investigation into the death of a toddler who was left in his father's hot car for hours. The father, Justin Ross Harris, remains in a Georgia jail cell on murder charges. And now, the investigation may be shifting to the toddler's mother, who police say searched child deaths on the internet with her husband. But investigators say their work is far from over. Meanwhile, family and friends of the couple say judgment should be reserved until all of the facts surface

The pope held his first meeting Monday with victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. Pope Francis met with six victims -- two each from Ireland, the U.K. and Germany -- after they attended his morning mass in the Vatican. He's faced criticism for not meeting victims earlier in his 16-month papacy. The scandal involving priest sexual abuse of children has been unfolding in the Catholic Church for the past decade.

A news broadcast live on Mexican television was interrupted Monday by an earthquake. The 6.9-magnitude tremor struck just off the southern coast of Mexico, Near the border with guatemala. At least one person was killed in that earthquake.

An American teenager who says he was beaten by Israeli security forces has been released from jail. Tariq Khdeir says he doesn't remember much about the beating before he passed out. Two people took videos of the beating. Khdeir is a cousin of the Palestinian teenager who was abducted and killed in Jerusalem on Wednesday. His family says he was among the Palestinians protesting his cousin's killing, but wasn't involved in the clashes. It's not clear why Khdeir is being investigated and what charges he could face. The teenager will be kept under house arrest while an investigation into his case continues, his lawyer told CNN Sunday.

A possible tragedy was averted at Barcelona airport, caught on video. The video shot on Saturday shows a Boeing 767 from UTair, a Russian airline, coming in to land. An Airbus 340 from Argentinean Airlines comes into view. It's taxiing right across the runway as the Russian airliner approaches. You can hear as the the UTair pilot powers up to abort the landing. The Russian airliner circled around and landed safely. No injuries were reported.

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