The Pulse: Houston Shooting Survivor Speaks Out

Number 5:
There's a shortage in Cleveland and it's not in LaBron James fans, but in his jersey's.
Though just four years ago fans were burning James' jersey's, now they can't wait to get their hands on new ones.
Friday the basketball star announced he's leaving the Miami Heat and heading back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
His tenure with the Heat landed the Florida team 2 championship titles, a record the Cavs hope king James will bring them.

Number 4:
After a month of soccer, we're nearing the end of the World Cup.
Just two countries hope to lift the trophy on Sunday but third place has been determined.
In the game between Brazil and the Netherlands, the Netherlands took the win three goals, to zero.
Now soccer fans are looking forward to the big final game Sunday, Argentina against Germany.

Number 3:
Comedian Tracy Morgan is now recovering at home from injuries he suffered in an accident last month.
Morgan was released from a rehabilitation center Saturday morning.
The actor was seriously hurt when a Walmart truck driver slammed into the back of his limo on the New Jersey Turnpike.
As we mentioned earlier in the show, Morgan and three others are now suing Walmart, claiming the truck driver's negligence is to blame for their injuries.

Number 2:
If you donated to a fundraising campaign for the family of Cooper Harris, you may soon be getting a refund.
The 22-month old died last month after he was left in a hot car. has taken its campaign down saying it will refund all of the contributions it handled.
Cooper's father, Justin Ross Harris, has been charged with his son's murder. He is pleading not guilty.

Number 1:
The Texas teenager who was the only survivor of a shooting that killed her parents and four siblings is thanking her community.
15-year-old Cassidy Stay joined friends and neighbors at a memorial in Spring this morning.
Balloons were released for the six victims of Wednesday's shooting.
Ronald Lee Haskell is accused of shooting Cassidy's parents and siblings, "execution style."
He is charged with capital murder.

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